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Hi there! Thanks for visiting our website. We are Foley First — the audio post production studios providing Foley recording and editing services to mixers and sound editors as well as sound effects editing services.

We love our job, and we love working with people around the world! Each one of us at Foley First is dedicated to our craft and are committed to finding the best solution for Foley on your project within your budget.

We do our absolute best to make every collaboration easy, fast and flawless. We are always happy to help with the Foley for your features, short films, series, documentaries, animation or any other media you have in mind.

With a large (and always expanding) variety of props, surfaces for authentic footsteps performances and acoustically prepared Foley stages — combined with a healthy dose of creativity — we deliver a great final product at unbeatable rates. We work tirelessly to exceed your expectations, always!

– Yuri and Foley First team

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It will take a minute to calculate an estimate for your project’s Foley.
Feature film

For Hallmark and Lifetime movies under 90 min of TRT. The quote doesn’t include international version reconform.

Short film

Short films must be no longer than 25 minutes.


Commercials, film and game trailers, game audio, and documentaries are included in the ”Other” category.

full coverage

Foley First will do every little thing including background footsteps and props to make scenes sound immersive.

Only Footsteps
and Clothes

A Foley walker will do a full pass of footsteps and cloth for your feature.

Only Props
Partial covering

This applies to projects requiring only selected scenes to be covered instead of the whole movie.

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Contact Yuri
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  • Yuri Pridachin Own and Operate at Foley First
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What does the deliverable items look like?
Can I request a partial coverage?
I need to do 5 minutes of Foley as a test for my film. Is that possible?
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